Welcome to the online store and gallery for artist and writer Kelly Izdihar Crosby. Here, you will find my complete selection of work, ranging from Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art, painted glass vases and decorative boxes, along with painted tennis and hoodies. Hope you like my work and I would love to receive your feedback.
Sparkly Red and Black Dotted Vase
Regular price $ 25.00
Women in White
Regular price $ 180.00
Sparkly Purple and Bronze Vase
Regular price $ 25.00
Women in Black
Regular price $ 180.00
Red and Gold Floral Vase
Regular price $ 25.00
Mosquescape Sunset
Regular price $ 250.00
Americana Islamicana
Regular price $ 180.00
Afro-Abstraction 3
Regular price $ 400.00
Afro-Abstraction 4
Regular price $ 350.00
Muslim Love Phone Case
Regular price $ 28.16